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09 29 2023

Using Polling and Surveying as a Compass

We, right here and now, hold the pen that writes history’s pages. In every generation, we inherit challenges and injustices from the past, issues that call for our vigilant care. As we embark on the journey of taking a stance in harmony with our convictions, polling and surveying become our guiding compass, ensuring we chart a course on the right side of history.

In our ever-changing world, choosing the right side of history isn’t always as simple as following the crowd. It requires careful consideration of what you believe is right, both in the short and long term. Choosing a stance based on your convictions is an act of integrity. It’s about standing up for what you believe to be right and just, even if it’s not the popular opinion of the day. Your convictions are the compass that guides your actions, and when they align with a sense of justice, inclusivity and progress, you have the potential to make a meaningful impact.

Here are four directions to consider so that your poll or survey can make the meaningful impact in align with your convictions:

Understanding Public Sentiment: Polling and surveying help you gauge public sentiment, providing insights into what society or your circles currently believe is right. This can inform your strategy.

Targeted Advocacy: By understanding public opinion, you can strategically direct your advocacy efforts toward issues that resonate with the respondents, making your cause more effective.

Open Dialogue: Polling and surveying can facilitate open, inclusive discussions. It allows you to engage with a diverse range of voices and better understand opposing viewpoints.

Accountability: Regularly assessing the impact of your actions through polling and surveying helps ensure that you’re making a positive difference and not inadvertently causing harm.

Standing up for what you believe in is truly admirable, but it can sometimes be tough. You might find yourself feeling isolated, facing resistance, seeing limited immediate results, or struggling without much support when your stance isn’t popular. To overcome these challenges, it helps to build a strong support network, engage in open and honest conversations with others, and work on gradually educating and persuading people about the value of your convictions, knowing that over time, more will come to see things your way.

It’s important to recognize that many of the most significant advancements in history began as unpopular stances. Abolitionists, suffragettes, civil rights activists, and environmentalists have all faced opposition when pushing for change. Their unwavering commitment to their convictions ultimately reshaped the course of history.

Choosing the right side of history is a complex journey that requires a balance between short and long-term thinking, a readiness to face the potential dangers of unpopular stances, and an understanding of the role of polling and surveying in guiding your convictions. The path may be challenging, but history has shown that it is often those who dare to stand alone that ultimately shape the course of progress.

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